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Vaginal Mapping and Scar Tissue Remediation

Vaginal Mapping is one of many approaches to Sexological Bodywork. The way this process works, is by visualizing a clock on the vulva, with 12 being the top of the vulva, near the clitoris and the 6 being the bottom, the entrance to the vagina. I guide the client with consent communication through breathing techniques and vulvo-vaginal massage strokes. Vaginal Mapping is a slow process where we, together, identify areas on the vulva (externally) and in the vagina (internally) that may be painful, numb, tense, or have scar tissue. This is an appropriate therapy for those experiencing pain during sex, postpartum pain, Vulvodynia, and Vaginismus.

Scar Tissue Remediation can be included in a Vaginal Mapping appointment.  I use high grade castor oil to work on episiotomy scars, natural tears, and cervical scars from colposcopies/biopsies and LEEP procedures.  If you have a history of any of these procedures, it is recommended to address the scar tissue before pregnancy in order to reduce scarring on the cervix before pregnancy and birth. Scar Tissue Remediation is not performed on pregnant clients.

I guide people to breathe and give feedback as they begin to associate and connect their breath to the pelvic floor. Many times a client will experience emotional release, and trauma release. This is the perfect environment to address a wide spectrum of trauma experienced in the pelvic floor. Significant shifts are felt with one session.

Cost: $175 Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego – $125 El Paso, Texas


I am lucky to have found Pati as she has all the qualities I look for in a bodyworker! She has an beautifully intuitive touch and tunes in to the areas of greatest need to release what are incredibly pleasurable sensations. Ultimately her work will create a space for healing/integration into a more authentic self which includes embracing the erotic power of each individual. It is powerful work that has taken me to places that i have never felt before and gained more awareness into my own pleasures and blockages in my body.

Her facilitating me to soften amidst my tension has resulted in great pleasure and at the core an ability to embrace my own present experience of my body. Her nurturing touch, awareness of breath and energy, and the ability to create space to allow expression of whatever is present is a potent and beautiful formula for transformation! Thank you!