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Full spectrum Doula services

Full Spectrum Doula Support

Full spectrum Doula services
Photo by Joslyn Smith

As a Full Spectrum Doula, I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to individuals through all pregnancy experiences, including birth, abortion, and miscarriage. Many times people will find themselves in unique situations and need specialized, non-judgemental support through their reproductive health choices and experiences. I educate and help my clients make informed and timely decisions that best meet their interests and needs.

Abortion Doula Testimonial:

The work of Ms. Pati—la Chula Doula—Garcia has been an essential part of my healing process. I sought her when it became my turn, as a woman, to make the choice to bring more life into this world, or, as woman, choose not to bring that life into the world. I never knew the power of woman until that choice sat before me. Pati heard me and provided me with the emotional and tangible support I needed to ground my choice in truth. She guided me in a post-abortion care to assist my body in its natural transition towards balance and healing.
Thank you, Pati Garcia, for the work you do…for educating and empowering women in the 21st Century about our bodies and our options…for creating and maintaining a safe space to dialogue about what most people fear: women and/or a woman’s body and/or the empowering of women. You are a great human being doing amazing work. Gracias. –Tochtli Perez

Blog on Miscarriage Ceremony:

Lety Ibarra Knight shares her story of loss and healing with my support.

Postpartum Doula Support

DSC00036What is a Postpartum Doula?
The Postpartum Doula is a trained professional that offers physical, emotional, and spiritual, support to a new mother and the rest of the family. I was trained by Darla Burns of CAPPA in October 2012.

Postpartum Doulas also offer breastfeeding support, light household maintenance, family nurturing and instruction to mom and/or other family members in the care of a newborn. The Postpartum Doula’s job is to make the transition to parenthood easier for new parents, to help mom during her recovery period and to ascertain what the family needs help with and provide instruction.

The main objective of the Postpartum Doula’s role is not to take over complete care of the newborn, but to educate and support the family so that they will feel empowered to care for their newborn themselves. Postpartum Doulas do NOT offer any medical advice or perform any medical or clinical procedures, but instead can offer parents referrals to appropriate studies and published books. Postpartum doulas should be good with children, patient, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable about newborn care and breastfeeding.
The postpartum doula may offer the following:

  • Physical support
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual Support
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support and tips
  • Baby care instruction
  • Household assistance
  • Sibling care
  • Meal preparation
  • Errand running

Source: CAPPA.net


Post Womb Wound Care (Bath, Soup, Tea)
Post Womb Wound Care for abortion/miscarriage/trauma/birth/etc.

Done in your home, at your pace, in your own bathtub. A variety of herbs and foods will be needed and a list will be given to you to begin the process together.

What does POST WOMB WOUND mean?

This is a phrase I use to describe the state of the uterus after one experiences birth, miscarriage, abortion, or any other type of trauma. We carry physical wounds from the placental site after birth. We also carry emotional wounds from our pasts. As you can imagine there is a vast array of reason why one would benefit from dedicating a little bit of time and energy towards healing the wounds in our wombs.

This soup, tea and bath combination are based in Asian tradition. The soup’s purpose is to restore warm energy in your womb. The soup is vegan and is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is healing because the warming quality helps strengthen a person after trauma.  The soothing and relaxing bath aids in the healing of the uterus and perineum and increases circulation. There is also a way in which a bath can feel all encompassing, and can reset the energetic body.
The tea is like no other. Besides tasting absolutely wonderful, citrus and honey sweet, one can feel how it shifts the body into a higher vibration. The increases circulation, cleanses the womb, balances hormones, and relieves pain physically and emotionally. Overall this combination assists you in your physical/spiritual/emotional wellbeing and healing.  It is a ceremonial process in which I arrive to your home and prepare it all and give you comfort.  Your house will be full of wonderful scent and delicious energy. I was trained by Midwife Ma’at from Birth Mama.


Placenta Medicine/ Encapsulation

I encapsulate placentas in the Traditional Chinese Medicine method using a combination of herbs and spices designed to “warm” the placenta. It is believed that a person loses their warmth when they give birth, and placenta medicine is the perfect way  to not only regain this warmth but also increase lactation, raise energy levels, and balance hormones. The end result of this process are 80-120 divine placenta capsules perfectly formulated by nature. Capsules are vegetarian and kosher, double

Tincture is made by soaking a small piece of fresh placenta in strong alcohol; it may be used after your capsules are gone by placing drops in a glass of water, similar to an herbal tincture. (6-week prep time)

Putting part of your placenta in tincture form is another way to stretch out its longevity. A small portion of placenta is added to Everclear alcohol and set to ferment for 6 weeks. Some of the benefits include hormone stabilization in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, energy and for menopause years down the road. The female child can also benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstruation cycles.

Bring a small cooler and 2 ziplock gallon freezer baggies to transfer the placenta if the hospital’s plastic tub doesn’t fit in your cooler. Hospitals always have plenty of ice to place in a small cooler. We can arrange pick up/drop off from hospital.

Please fill out the form below and send a deposit of 50% if you would like me to prepare your placenta.

Also, feel free to call if you’d like any clarifications or more information.

Cost for Placenta Capsules: $300 Los Angeles, $100 El Paso

Placenta Tincture: $50

Natural Placenta Print: $25



Prepare My Placenta Request Form

CranioSacral Therapy for Infants

CranioSacral Therapy for Infants

A gentle holding of a newborns head and/or sacrum and can help them unwind the inherent trauma of birth.  This practice is based on the subtle movement of the cranial bones to decompress excess tension in the skeletal body. CST helps babies feel balanced and activates their own self-healing capabilities. The following article on the La Leche League website explains how CST is beneficial for addressing a newborn’s lactation challenges.


Intake Session: $125, includes assessment and CST

Following sessions are $100

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is offered during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to help soothe the aches, pains, and worries clients might be experiencing.  A combination of acupressure and deep tissue masssage are used during this relaxing one hour session. Packages are available for ongoing sessions.  Discounts are available for my doula clients.
Seven Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:
1. Increased circulation
2. Reduced anxiety
3. Improved labor outcome
4. Fewer birth complications
5. Reduction of swelling
6. Better sleep
7. Reduced muscle tension and headaches

Cost: $125

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing/Chakra balancing gives us tools to connect with our ancestral power and wisdom.  Sessions begin with a consultation on what you hope to get out of the session. Once intentions are set, the sesssion begins on a massage table. Crystals are placed on the chakras (hips/belly/heart/throat/forehead/top of head) and tapped according to your pulse and to the primordial sound of the universe. If needed, breathing techniques will be introduced to take the healing further. We bring closure to the session with an Agua de Florida cleansing of the head, ears, and neck. It takes approximately 10-15 crystal healing sessions to embody your full potential.

Cost: Sliding Scale $40-$80

My experience with Pati’s crystal healing session was exactly what I hoped it would be. During a period of transition in my life, I felt the need to re-center with the help of healing energy and Pati facilitated that process of rejuvenation with the help of her crystals and guided visualizations. Pati has a natural depth of intuition and sensitivity to energies that is rare and beautiful. I walked away feeling deeply at peace and excited for what lay ahead and would highly recommend her healing sessions to all.”
~Sarah Marie

Self-exam/Check out your cervix!

During this session, I guide you through the process of using a speculum, flashlight, and mirror to view your cervix. The session allows for plenty of time and directed breathing so that you can go at your own pace. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your sexual health history and ask any questions you may have about anatomy and sex. Self-exam is useful for understanding your state of health and observing what your cervix is communicating to you, such as fertility, stress, and imbalance. You will receive a speculum to take home with you and continue the journey of discovery.
(extra Speculums available for purchase at $10 each)

Cost: Sliding Scale $50-$80

Mayan Genital Steam Bath

Most commonly known as a Mayan Vaginal Steam Bath, this process includes prayer/intention, selecting herbs for your bath, and sitting over a steaming bowl of those herbs. This ceremony offers two primary benefits. Physical benefits include detoxification and cleansing of the reproductive organs, increased blood flow to the area, and heightened sexual pleasure. From a spiritual perspective, the act of setting intentions allows you to reflect on your aspirations and aspects of your life that are blocking you from reaching those goals. Here is a blog entry on my own personal experience with Genital Steam bath.

Cost: Sliding Scale $30-$50

Private Consultation

I’m also available to provide a variety of consultations/platicas. I have knowledge in the areas of nutrition and diet, fertility and pre-conception plans, herbs for reproductive health, anatomy, and sexuality. This knowledge combined with my experience as a full-spectrum doula and sexological bodyworker provide with the tools to offer consultations that are comprehensive, client-centric, and informed.


*Career Consultations- Many people have been requesting time with me to learn about my personal journey in bodywork, doula-hood and activism. I have been on this path for several years now and have navigated a slightly uncommon path and would love to share my experiences and tailor the conversation to your interests and curiosities and help you customize your path so you can hit the floor running.

Consults are open to all people. Consults can be in person or online via video chat/or Skype.

Consultations/Platicas Costs: Sliding Scale $50-$120

My First Mayan Vaginal Steam Bath

A healing practice to harness my power to manifest. It reminded my ancient self of all the ways our people healed themselves forward 7 generations and backward 7 generations. Visceral knowing of power, ReClaiming.
Guided by Sara Flores,

  • I picked my herbs with clear intention and thankfulness. Rosemary, Lavender and Sage.
  • I placed them in water with intentions named 9 times. I am water.
  • I remembered the New Moon energy, it was during her extra potent medicine. I made ten wishes.

She brought me a little bowl of dried herbs, Chamomile, Calendula, more I don’t remember. She said to choose how much I need, 2 big pinches. She chose rose petals and the piston of a hibiscus for me.

The water brewed. It steamed and was brought to the toilet and the handles of the pot held it up. Toilet seat down over the pot handles, a towel around the bowl, a towel for my backside and lap, to cover and hold the steam in.
Sara said she prepared it for me the way she likes it, STRONG, because intuitively she knew its how I would want and need it.
Sara lit 3 candles with a red hue, and the blatant meditative message “self-love”. At first I hovered over the steam, felt tension in my thighs and ass, a little afraid of what steam might feel like on my vulva. It was warm, welcoming, nothing difficult to endure. I lowered my self and relaxed into it. The steam enveloped my vulva. I found myself reflecting at the very act of spending time with my self, alone, with candles, and the scent and energy of the herbs. It felt ancient, my cells absorbing the droplets of water into my mucus membranes, my cells carrying on the intentions throughout my system. I felt my vagina willingly letting go of what she no longer needed, felt the sweat drip right off of and out of me, my cellular intelligence perked up, taking in the intentions, and the same time on a conscious anatomical/physiological level noticing:

– circulation increasing in my back/heat flourishing up to my shoulders, tension melting in my back
– movement in my cheeks and entire face, like release tightness and warmth filling my face/rosy cheeks
– i could feel stagnation in my arms, specifically in my right arm where i have an ulnar nerve injury and being able to stretch my hand better.
– I remember feeling the back of my head light up. In the occiput I could feel movement-like cerebro-spinal fluid flowing.
– The most SIGNIFICANT increase in circulation was in my vulva and clitoris, I could feel blood rushing down and around and flooding. I felt my vulva shed numbness, fear, tension and shame. I sensed that I was becoming engorged.
– The next night I had sex and was able to feel the slightest sensation, allowing me to savor every moment, exquisitely feeling pressure, caressing, and energy of love. My tissues were open to RECEIVE love and pleasure, and it was the least scary it’s been, this vulnerability.

On a sexual level, it made me aware of all my interactions with this part of my body, sharing it my partner, lovers, myself, my last painful cycle, self-exam groups, not sharing it with predators yet having it be invaded, etc. I took time to forgive myself for ways in which I hadn’t honored myself, and in the same breath I thanked myself for pursuing my pleasure and delving into exploring every aspect of owning it all. I welcomed nothing but love and pleasure in my vagina from now on. I thanked her for sending me messages along our wild journey together. I thanked Pachamama for allowing me to re-enter my birthright of self-healing, and healing with community.

I thought about how I had first heard of Sara in January 2010 after a long medicine journey I took along the California Coast. A sister of the African diaspora said, You MUST meet Sara. I took it to heart, her emphasis on how I would connect with Sara and that it was a connection that had to be made, for the sake of humanity. I know this sounds over the top in some ways, like really, come on. But for reals, that message kept coming at me for the next 22 months, every where I went; conferences, meetings, events, dear people would say, you HAVE to meet Sara. Entonces, the time came when we connected on Facebook, interchanged via messages so succinctly and met pretty quickly in real life. I gave myself the gift of visiting her in Oakland during my thanksgiving trip with my honey Diem. Little by little, I’m collecting my chosen family.

After my session, I took my bath to the earth and offered it back. Sara stood there with me. We laughed like the brujas we are, relentlessly reclaiming.