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CranioSacral Therapy for Infants

CranioSacral Therapy for Infants

A gentle holding of a newborns head and/or sacrum and can help them unwind the inherent trauma of birth.  This practice is based on the subtle movement of the cranial bones to decompress excess tension in the skeletal body. CST helps babies feel balanced and activates their own self-healing capabilities. The following article on the La Leche League website explains how CST is beneficial for addressing a newborn’s lactation challenges.

Intake Session: $125, includes assessment and CST

Following sessions are $100

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is offered during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to help soothe the aches, pains, and worries clients might be experiencing.  A combination of acupressure and deep tissue masssage are used during this relaxing one hour session. Packages are available for ongoing sessions.  Discounts are available for my doula clients.
Seven Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:
1. Increased circulation
2. Reduced anxiety
3. Improved labor outcome
4. Fewer birth complications
5. Reduction of swelling
6. Better sleep
7. Reduced muscle tension and headaches

Cost: $125

Scar Tissue Remediation Massage

Scar Tissue Remediation is the practice of combining deep tissue bodywork with castor oil and/or castor oil packs and heat. This practice specifically brings oxygen and blood flow to scarred tissue and the area around it.  Many times scars can  begin to root deeper into other areas of the body and adhere to organs, causing a shift in posture and shallow breathing.  My practice began while working with people who’ve had bilateral masectomies. Since then, I’ve developed specialized techniques to address abdominal scars from cesarean birth, gall-bladder removals, and appendectomies. During the session I share self-care tips with my clients so that they may continue to soften their scars at home. Following each session, clients often report a significant change in the texture of the scar, increased sensation, and deeper breathing.

(discounted packages available, 4 sessions)
Cost: Sliding Scale $80-$120

Self-Care Kit: $20 Organic Cotton Flannel and 8oz bottle of Premier Research Labs Castor Oil